2018 International Workshop on Bioinformatics

The National Node of Bioinformatics (NNB-UNAM) and the Community of Bioinformatics Software Developers (CDSB) invite you to

TIB2018: R para todos


Latin American R/Bioconductor Developers Workshop

UNAM Center for Genomic Sciences (CCG-UNAM) in Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico. From July 30 to August 3, 2018

This year, we decided to join efforts to promote the development of skills in the programming language R, under the slogan “Learn R and do community” .

In the world of data analysis R and Python they are positioned as programming languages fastest growing.

The reasons:

  • They are easy to learn

  • Specialized libraries offer advanced statistics.

Why have we chosen R?

It is ideal for non - programmers and has really powerful libraries.

Our teachers are researchers, postdocs and academic technicians with extensive experience in the area of ​​domestic and foreign institutions. Most of them are certified as Software Carpentry certified instructors, who trained in the best practices of teaching computer science research.

The workshops are organized by:

  • NNB-UNAM, Mexican node EMBNet (European Molecular Biology network)

  • Community of Bioinformatics Software Developers (CDSB)


T1: Introduction workshop R and R Studio

T2: Exploratory and statistical analysis of biological data using R

T3: Workshop RNA-Seq: Exploratory analysis of genes and differential expression

T4: Workshop NGS: Assembly and Genome Annotation


Community of Bioinformatics Software Developers

We want to help you acquire the skills to contribute open source Bioinformatics software using R

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