A recap of CDSB 2018: the start of a community

Organizing an event is a lot of work, much more than you plan for it. But harvesting the fruits of a successful event makes the workload worth it. In July, we kicked off the first Bioconductor Latin American Developers Workshop 2018 (LatAmBioc2018). The main goals of this meeting were to encourage the development of the Bioconductor project in Mexico and to start a community of Mexican bioinformatic software developers – the Community of Bioinformatic Software Developers (CDSB, from its acronym in Spanish).

R Gene Regulatory Interaction Formulator For Inquiring Networks

This blog post was written by ME Martinez-Sanchez, S Muñoz, M Carrillo, E Azpeitia, D Rosenblueth. In this blog post we will describe the package rGriffin (Martinez-Sanchez, Muñoz, Carrillo, Azpeitia, et al., 2018) that was one of the projects developed during the TIB2018-BCDW. We hope to continue developing Griffin and rGriffin (Martinez-Sanchez, Muñoz, Carrillo, Azpeitia, et al., 2018). If you have ideas, suggestions or bugs, please contact us via rGriffin GitHub repo.

Latin American R/BioConductor Developers Workshop 2018

Community of Bioinformatics Software Developers Workshop webpage: Level: intermediate - advanced Language: english When: July 30 - August 3, 2018 Where: Auditorium of the Center for Genomic Sciences, Cuernavaca, Mexico Twitter: #CDSBMexico Facebook: @CDSBMexico GitHub: Register Requirements Requirements prior knowledge Participants should have basic knowledge of programming language R: variable assignment, reading files: read.