About us

The Community of Software Developers in Bioinformatics, stems from the concern for encouraging the participation and collaboration of people specializing in Bioinformatics and Genomics, to contribute or bring in free software development internationally.

The Community is convinced that, through courses, workshops, conferences, and other technological means, can strengthen the skills of its members to participate in development projects software, or undertake the development of new software quality, always promoting the spirit of cooperation and integration.

What do we believe in ?

  • Objectivity and neutrality: Members of the community, our colleagues deserve the truth and real knowledge, we do not allow ourselves to deceive them.
  • Innovation: We continually work to be at the forefront and inspire those around us with new ideas.
  • We do not believe in borders: We live in a globalized world, we care about connecting with what happens beyond.
  • Passion and perfection: We work with passion and perfection in everything we do to develop quality software.
  • Open Collaboration: As always we invite the community to collaborate in our initiatives, we also seek to collaborate and add third-party initiatives.

Our objectives:

  • Create a large community of software developers in bioinformatics
  • Create links with other communities: TIBs, SoIBio, Bioconductor
  • Recruit talent
  • Create content for programming courses and creating packages in R, Python, C, Perl etc.
  • Maintain repository for sharing software made by our community via GitHub.
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