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CDSB and TIBs are workshops held yearly in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico in a week chosen such that students, faculty, and industry employees across the country are more likely to be able to travel and attend the workshops. Workshop participants come from all over the country (and abroad) representing a unique opportunity to reach budding bioinformatics talent from many states without having to travel to them. From 2010 to 2019, participants came from an average of 18/32 (56%) different Mexican states and 4 countries, with a mean of 80 students and 49 academia or industry employees per event. The workshop organizers and core instructors are seasoned veterans that have received positive reviews from participants across the years. By sponsoring these workshops you will have the opportunity to help train and recruit talent for your institution. The workshops are jointly organized by the National Bioinformatics Node (NNB in Spanish) and the Community of Bioinformatics Software Developers (CDSB in Spanish) with the logistical support by the Mexican Bioinformatics Network (RMB in Spanish). All events follow a code of conduct designed to foster a welcoming environment for everyone involved.


$5,000 USD or more

  • The option to present directly or show a promotional video for 5 minutes in all of the workshops: TIB workshops and CDSB.

  • Recognition as a sponsor in the videos made prior to and during the event.

  • A total of two full registrations as a courtesy for any of the workshops of the event.

  • Opportunity to request a blog post written by the event organizers on your website.

  • Includes all items offered to gold level sponsors.


$2,500 USD or more

  • Recognition as a sponsor in a promotional item that will be given to participants.

  • You will be allowed a display exhibition module during the event where you will be able to interact directly with participants during breaks.

  • A full registration as a courtesy for any of the workshops of the event.

  • Includes all items offered to silver level sponsors.


$1,000 USD or more

  • Recognition as a sponsor in our event website.

  • Recognition as a sponsor in all social media posts.

  • Opportunity to distribute a promotional flyer that you provide us in the welcome package of each participant.


The organizations or institutions that wish to be sponsors with donations in kind (the donations CANNOT include publicity of the sponsor), can do so by providing the following services or items:

  1. Photography service during the event.

  2. Video service during the event.

  3. Cafeteria items: coffee, cookies, fruit, sugar, napkins, etc.

  4. Water containers or bottles without publicity from the company providing them.

  5. Exterior furniture: carp, chairs, tables.

  6. Office items: pens, pencils, board markers, post-it, blank paper.

  7. Items for cleaning: soap, paper, trash bags, antibacterial gel.

  8. Any other item can be evaluated.

The donations in kind will be recognized similar to the levels described above based on the estimated amount in cash these donations correspond to.

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